Air Quality In Leamington and Warwick

9 June 2015

Air Quality Spotlight

A Green Party motion passed at the County Council has put the spotlight on poor air quality in Warwickshire's town centres. Cllr Jonathan Chilvers who proposed the the motion, which received cross party support said:

"It is an important step that Warwickshire County Council passed this motion on air quality. The council claims it wishes to keep traffic in town centres to 2004 levels. But all too often ends up building bigger  road junctions rather than providing safe and enjoyable routes for cycling and walking. We need to be encouraging people to use cars less instead of contributing to poor air quality. Poor air quality has a major impact on life and health and well-being. Those of us who travel regularly through hot spots like the Railway Bridge junction in Leamington breathe in the lorry and car fumes which are damaging our health." 

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