Time's up for Bad Landlords

21 April 2016


Warwick District Green Party has challenged bad landlords to up their game in South Leamington as part of a 10 point plan to improve Private Housing.

30% of households in South Leamington rent privately, 11% in shared houses and it’s estimated that 1600 people in the area live in properties that don’t meet a decent home standard, lacking things like proper insulation and safe wiring. 

Green Councillor Ian Davison said: “Many landlords do a good job, fulfilling their responsibilities to tenants and the whole community. But bad landlords are making life a misery, so they need to shape-up or sell-up.”

The Green Party 10 point plan includes £45000 for an extra Council officer funded by licensing more Houses of Multiple Occupation. This would enable the Council to better enforce basic legal standards.

Ian added: "The Council has the legal power itsneeds but not the cash or determination to use them! This proposal would change that without significant cost to the taxpayer and improve the lives of many in our town." 

A one-stop 24/7 freephone number for people to report noise disturbances is another of the proposals. Cllr Jonathan Chilvers said:

“Persistent noise can destroy your sense of wellbeing in your own home, but often complaints just gets passed from pillar to post by different agencies – they all need to pull together to provide a central contact and action point.

10 Point Housing Plan  


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