New Figures show 'measly' Warwickshire Council spend on cycling

18 December 2017

New figures unearthed by the Green Party have been released showing that Warwickshire spends less than 10% the recommended amount on cycling. A recent cross-party parliamentary report said that £10 per person per head per year should be spent on two wheeled transport, but in 2016/7 the figure was only 88p for Warwickshire.

At this rate it would take 86 years to build the Council's proposed cycling network.

Cabinet Member Jeff Clarke (Con) gave the figure in a recent Council meeting in response to a question from Green Party Councillor Jonathan Chilvers

Green Party Councillor in South Leamington Jonathan Chilvers said:

"These figures shows that Warwickshire County Council spends a measly amount on cycling. At the rate the Council are going most of us will be dead and buried before we get decent cycle routes linking our homes, schools and shops. They say they support getting on a bike, but it's time for them to put their money where their mouth is. If cycle routes are safe and enjoyable it's easier to use them for short journeys so we 're less likely to be stuck in a jam when we need to use our cars."

The joint Labour and Conservative budget in February didn't put any new money into cycling despite costed proposals from the Greens and Lib Dems.

The Conservative Metro Mayor Andy Street recently committed to the £10 per head figure for the West Midlands. Jonathan added:
"The Conservative-Labour Warwickshire budget deal in February ignored cycling completely, but Andy Street's lead in Birmingham shows that where the political commitment is there things can change."



1. 2016/7: Warwickshire spent £0.88 per person per head. Total spend £486000 divided by Population 554002 = £0.88.

2. All party parliamentary group website:

3. Info on £10 per person per head per year figure: (p63 gives details on how to calculate the £10pp figure which has been followed in calculating our figure.)

4.The draft proposed network would cost approximately £42m to complete. £486000 divided by £42000000 = 86.4 years. If we spent at £10per person per head per year it would only take 7.58 years to complete.

5. Andy Street info:

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