Green Budget proposals focus on Children’s Centres and dealing with traffic gridlock.

8 February 2018

Warwickshire County Council today passed the Conservative party’s majority proposals by 33 votes to 18. Council Tax will now rise by 4.99%, but will be combined with further cuts to services of £25 million over two years on top of £100 million since 2010.

Green Party Councillor Jonathan Chilvers said:

“Conservative Central government continue to slash money to Councils for services like roads, older people care and health visitors while expecting them to raise resident’s Council Tax. The sheer magnitude of the cuts is a choice by the Conservative government. They drag their feet on things like closing tax havens where companies and rich individuals hide from their responsibility for contributing to services that Councils deliver”.

The Green proposed removing the £1m cuts to Children’s Centres to ensure that as many staff as possible are there to support families in the first years’ of their children’s lives.

Green Councillor Jonathan Chilvers said:

“We need to make some changes to Children’s Centre services and activities to make them stable for years to come. But it’s ludicrous to expect a service to keep running well if you cut £1 million. Our proposals ensure we can keep giving the best opportunities possible to all parents and children in those key early years.”

The Green proposals also put £5m per year into cycling infrastructure in line with parliamentary recommendations to reduce traffic gridlock.

Green Party campaigner Martin Luckhurst said:

“The Conservative and Labour’s solution to our traffic problems as laid out in their budgets is to spend tens of millions of pounds building bigger roads which just don’t work. Even by their own models for the Europa Way scheme, congestion would be as bad just 7 years after completion. We need responsible long term solutions. Investing in safe and enjoyable off road cycling routes for short journeys to work and school would make a massive difference so when we do need to use the car we’re not stuck in a jam.”

In other areas the Green Party secured a commitment from the Conservatives to take another look at proposed cuts to the high performing Youth Justice Service and spoke out against further proposed cuts to hostel beds for the homeless.

Jonathan Chilvers
Councillor, Leamington Brunswick

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