"Time for a Warwick University Railway Station" Says Green co-leader Caroline Lucas MP

15 May 2018

"Time for a Warwick University Railway Station" Says Green co-leader Caroline Lucas MP

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP was at Warwick University today making the case for a University of Warwick railway station.

Caroline Lucas MP meets local Green campaigner Alix Dearing
Caroline Lucas MP meets local Green campaigner Alix Dearing

There are over 30,000 staff and students at Warwick university with over 10,000 per day needing to access campus in term time.

Caroline Lucas said:

“Tinkering around at the edges by doing things like moving car parks to the edge of campus is not enough. Now Kenilworth station is open the University and Council should be pushing for a University station on the same line.

Instead the Council are spending £33 million making changes to the nearby A46 junction – already up 30% on original costs. There’s further plans for an A46 link road which would cost £150 million. Yet time and again the evidence shows that more roads just get blocked up in the medium term.

The cash is there, but we need the political will and long term thinking if we’re going to have transport solutions fit for the 21stcentury rather than concrete in the mistakes of the past.”

Local Green Party campaigner Martin Luckhurst said:

“A university station would significantly cut travel time for 1000s of students and staff currently stuck in jams or on overcrowded buses. From a new station a shuttle could run the few minutes down the road to main campus. The first practical step would be a feasibility study to work out the best location and estimated costs.”

Caroline Lucas MP also visited the new Kenilworth station where she met local Green campaigner Alix Dearing. Caroline Lucas said:

“It’s fantastic to see Kenilworth with the railway station it deserves again after all this time. But a one carriage train once an hour isn’t enough. It’s difficult to fix this when the company that owns the trains is different to the one that operates them! Gradually bringing our railway into public ownership is the common sense solution to solving some of these problems.”

Green Party Kenilworth campaigner Alix Dearing said:

“I’m delighted that our town’s station has finally reopened after considerable delays. It will make a real difference to Kenilworth. I will continue to push to improve links to the station and the number of services from it.”

Caroline Lucas says More Trains Please
Caroline Lucas MP says "More Trains please"

Editors notes:

  1. Photo shows Caroline Lucas with Christophe Locatelli (Student), Markus Wagner (Associate Professor) and Rodney King (Cycleways) calling for a University railway station.
  2. According to the university’s figures Warwick has 25,615 students and 6294 staff, 6400 of whom live on campus. https://warwick.ac.uk/about/profile/people/
  3. Figures included in the April 2018 report to Warwickshire County Council cabinet. https://democratic.warwickshire.gov.uk/cmis5/CalendarofMeetings/tabid/128/ctl/ViewMeetingPublic/mid/645/Meeting/3865/Committee/468/Default.aspx
  4. Evidence of ‘induced traffic’ – i.e. traffic generated by new road building  have been available since a Department for Transport report published in 1994. 
    See for instance Dept for Transport – The Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment – December 1994Goodwin, P.B. Transportation (1996) 23: 35. doi:10.1007/BF00166218

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