Positive Money arrives in Leamington and Coventry

21 January 2019

‘Positive Money’ is a not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation based in London with over 30 local branches around the UK. We are setting up a new one for Leamington/Coventry.

To find out more join us for an introductory talk and discussion:

29th January at 7.30pm: The Family Tree Club, 14 Kenilworth Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4QS


Positive Money aims to address the financial and monetary problems of our present money and banking system.

The current system is not working for most people. It creates instability, high levels of debt, house price bubbles and rising inequality. Big banks have too much power while small and medium sized enterprises are treated as an af- terthought. There is a considerable democratic deficit in the way the Bank of England makes decisions. This system harms the environment and lays the foundations for repeated financial crises.

Positive Money want reform to enable a fair, democratic and sustainable economy. We aim for an economy that isn’t driven by housing bubbles, stock market booms and a bloated financial sector. We need to move away from a debt based money creation system which is incompatible with a genuine democratic, fair and stable economy.

Our Advisory Panel includes economics professors, entrepreneurs, authors and people from finance who know that something needs to change. We are independent and politically non-partisan and engage with policy makers from all political parties.

Join a growing movement of students, grandparents, businesspeople, econ- omists, activists, politicians, journalists, dreamers and realists – all fighting for a fairer, greener, safer economy.


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