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31st May 2010
Against Clarendon Arcade

Read the Green Party's written objection to the proposed Clarendon Arcade, by Ian Davison.


20th Apr 2009
Reasons against another incinerator

Ian Davison gives some of the economic and environmental reasons against Warwickshire councils committing £500 million on another incinerator in Coventry.


25th Jul 2008
Station Area Development Plan Falls Short
Green Party response to the WDC consultation on "Planning and Development Brief for Station Area"


15th Aug 2008
Parking Scheme Welcome
Green Party response to the WCC consultation on "Proposed Residents' Parking Scheme, Albany Terrace"


4th Aug 2008
Keep Post Offices Open
Warwick and Leamington Green Party response to proposed closure of Milverton Post Office


10th Jul 2008
Don't Build on Green Fields
This is the Green Party response to the council's plan to build 2 new 'Warwick Gates'. 6 clear reasons are given why houses should only be built on existing brown field land.

14th May 2008
Arcade Information
What's wrong with the Clarendon Retail Arcade Proposal?

29th Feb 2008
Submission to Portobello bridge consultation
The Green Party calls for more information to enable effective consultations.

25th Nov 2007
Green Economics Introduction
Ian Davison's introduction to Green Economics outlines why stopping 'economic growth' is both necessary and desirable.

18th Oct 2007
Green Challenge Clarendon Arcade Proposal
This is the letter sent by Warwick and Leamington Green Party to the proposed developers of Clarendon Arcade.

4th Oct 2007
Understanding Climate Change
Please contact Ian Davison for more information: or 07776 157932

21st May 2007
Electronic counting trial
Report by Warwick and Leamington Green Party sent to the electoral commission regarding the electronic counting trial in Warwick District, May 2007.